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V-LMS Closed-loop Dispatching


V-LMS in conjunction with the V-TAS mobile app provides a complete end-to-end dispatching solution.  From load planning, assignment, and tracking, via an easy-to-use web-based interface, to load fulfillment via a cross-platform mobile application, V-LMS automates the entire dispatching process.   The entire process is “closed-loop” because all aspects in the process are managed and tracked via the integrated platform, eliminating manual entry and paper-based forms.


Our platform is capable of integrating with leading fleet telematics systems via a flexible and extensible web-based API.  We also offer our own fleet telematics solution capable of capturing GPS, engine events, driver behavior, and more.  Coupled with a robust integration with the Google Places API, our solution is capable of projecting and notifying when deliveries are likely to occur beyond the scheduled delivery time. We like to call this a “self-correcting dispatching algorithm.”

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V-LMS Complete Order Lifecycle


Before a load is planned, assigned, and fulfilled, it first needs to enter the system as a customer order.  Conversely, once a load is fulfilled, the consignor needs to be invoiced, and the drivers need to be paid.  V-LMS supports the complete order lifecycle, and is capable of integrating on the front-end via EDI or web-based APIs and with ERP and general ledger systems on the back-end.